First Crane mats arrive in The Netherlands

The first series of crane mats made from bamboo composite have arrived in the Netherlands. The mats are 5.8m long, 1m wide and 15cm thick and 5.8m long, 1m wide and 20cm thick.

Everyone is welcome to view and experience the crane mats. These mats can also be rented for a first experience with bamboo composite.

First container loaded

The production facility in China has loaded a first container with crane mats made of bamboo composite. This container is on its way to the Netherlands. These crane mats are meant for renting out and to gain the first experiences in the Netherlands.

This container contains 10 mats with the dimensions:
5.8m long, 1m wide and 20cm thick;

and 10 mats with the dimensions:
5.8m long, 1m wide and 15cm thick.

Interested parties can come by to view them and get acquainted with them.

You are very welcome.

Better alternative for tropical hardwood

Lately, I speak to many people who use dragline mats. This gives me a good picture of the experiences gained with the existing crane mats.

The current crane mats are made of tropical hardwood. Azobé is a very common material, but due to the high demand in the slow growth of these trees, the quality of these deteriorates rapidly. More and more young trees are being cut down, often from protected areas. As an alternative, softer woods are used. In a standard crane mat, the outer beams are often made of the hard Azobé and the inner beams of a softer type of wood.

The effect of this is that the inner beams wear faster and cause a cavity. Another effect is that the softer beams are less resistant to water and will eventually rot. This of course does not benefit the overall strength and stiffness of the crane mat.

A better alternative is the use of bamboo composite. With this, the strength is not lost and the resistance to water, and with it rotting, is many times greater.

Bamboo composite has been used for years along the water in the form of scaffolding. It is exposed to water intensively and remains free of rot for up to 30 years. This proves that it is an excellent material for the crane mats.

First bamboo composite crane mat in use

The first set of bamboo composite crane mats have been produced and put into use. The production process is up and running and ready to produce larger quantities.

During the first use it has been proven that the bamboo crane mats are very strong and stiff. Due to the bevelled edges they are less sensitive to the outbreak of the edges.


Handling the crane mats through the integrated lifting points, also works very well.