CO2 negatieve producten

Quality products that do not harm the environment! That is exactly what we all need now! Not only is it necessary to emit fewer greenhouse gases, it is also necessary to remove them from the atmosphere. If the bucket is too full, just closing the tap is not enough.

With the products from Dragonwood bamboo you are in the right place, because these products absorb more CO2 during their production and use than they emit: a negative CO2 footprint! These products therefore belong to the Negative Emissions Technologies (NETs) and contribute to a necessary healthier future.

The greenhouse gas CO2 is one of the main causes of climate change. Recent research has shown that, even after sea transport, the Dragonwood bamboo products absorb more CO2 than they emit during their production, transport and use.

This allows the high ambitions to reduce CO2 emissions to be achieved when Dragonwood products are used.