Long Lasting Wood made from Bamboo

Dragonwood® produces crane mats from bamboo instead of tropical hardwood.

Bamboo as a base

Dragonwood bamboo is a material that has been used in other industries for a long time.


Dragonwood is able to produce and deliver different types of products. One of these products is crane mats.


Dragonwood crane mats can be used in many different ways


Land degradation costs the global economy an estimated $ 2,300 billion annually over the next 30 years.

Curious about the possibilities?

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10 September 2021

Crane mats used Offshore

The crane mats from Dragonwood are more and more used in different circumstances. This week a set of crane mats is installed on an Offshore barge to support the weight…
10 March 2020

Tested in very cold conditions

Dragonwood has conducted tests on the bamboo composite used to produce their products. The tests consisted of dipping test blocks in water and leaving them for a few hours. The…
3 October 2019

Negative CO2 footprint Dragonwood products

Quality products that do not harm the environment! That is exactly what we all need now! Not only is it necessary to emit fewer greenhouse gases, it is also necessary…