Dragonwood is able to produce and deliver different types of products. At the moment we focus on the production of dragline mats. These can be produced in different sizes. Our standard dimensions are:

  • 4m long, 1m wide, 10cm thick
  • 5,8m long, 1m wide, 15cm thick
  • 5,8m long, 1m wide, 20cm thick
  • 6m long, 1m wide, 15cm thick
  • 6m long, 1m wide, 20cm thick

For information about other dimensions, please contact us.

Other, custom made, products from bamboo composite are also possible. There is often more possible than you can think of. For example sliding beams or buffer blocks. Contact us to see if your idea can also be made in bamboo composite together with Dragonwood. We are open to a good conversation and new ideas.