Dragonwood is able to produce and deliver different types of products. The two types of products which are standard for Dragonwood are crane mats and jacking beams. But the development of other bamboo composite products is in a far progressed state.

Almost all products produced by Dragonwood are FSC® 100% certified under license code FSC-C016391. Contact us to see the possibilities.

Crane mats

The crane mats made by Dragonwood are strong, robust, durable, keep their shape, have an Aboma type approval and can be produced in different sizes. Our standard dimensions are:

- 5 m long, 1m wide, 10 cm thick
- 5,8 m long, 1m wide, 15 cm thick
- 5,8 m long, 1m wide, 20 cm thick
- 6 m long, 1m wide, 15 cm thick
- 6 m long, 1m wide, 20 cm thick

Jacking beams

Another product that Dragonwood produces from bamboo is jacking beams. Jacking beams are used in combination with hydraulic jacks to jack up heavy loads. The beams can be supplied in customer specific precise dimensions. The dimensions are usually around 10 cm x 10 cm x 110 cm.

These beams have been thoroughly tested and are stronger than the tropical hardwood beams.

Marine decking

As a strong protection layer on top of your deck, Dragonwood provides a solid bamboo Marine decking solution. We provide heavy decking that can withstand all the weather conditions during Offshore operations, does not shrink or split and is stronger than wood.

Sizes and thickness of the boards can be made in all dimensions to meet customer demands. It is easy to install and has a longer life span than wood.

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Another product that Dragonwood produces is storage cribs for the jacking beams. These cribs are strong and robust and can be made for 100 or 50 pieces of jacking beams. They can be locked, are easy to transport by forklift or crane and stackable. Two of these cribs fit in a standard container.

More possibilities

Other, custom made, products from Dragonwood bamboo are also possible. There is often more possible than you can think of. For example sliding beams or buffer blocks. Contact us to see if your idea can also be made from bamboo together with Dragonwood®. We are open to a good conversation and new ideas.

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