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Dragonwood produces crane mats from bamboo composite instead of tropical hardwood. Dragonwood is based on very good knowledge of the production capabilities in China and the quest for an alternative material for tropical hardwood. The experience in heavy transport and hoisting and foundation industry combined, result in a well-designed product.

The cutting of tropical hardwood is mostly done illegal and causes enormous deforestation. This causes large problems for men kind and wildlife. Bamboo grows up to 1m per day and by cutting it frequently the bamboo even grows better.

Crane mats made from bamboo composite are just as strong as crane mats made from tropical hardwood. Therefore they are an environmental friendly and sustainable solution.

Bamboo composite

Bamboo composite is a material that has long been used in other industries. The basis for this material is of course bamboo. Bamboo is known as “magical grass” and grows in large areas of the world. It grows so fast that it is sometimes called a weed.

After harvesting the bamboo stems, the bamboo is split into strips and processed into loose fibers. The fibers are pressed together in a large press, together with an environmentally friendly resin, to form a very strong and robust material.

The compressed bamboo is then processed into crane mats or other final products.



Dragonwood is able to produce and deliver different types of products. At the moment we focus on the production of dragline mats. These can be produced in different sizes. Our standard dimensions are:

  • 4m long, 1m wide, 10cm thick
  • 5,8m long, 1m wide, 15cm thick
  • 5,8m long, 1m wide, 20cm thick
  • 6m long, 1m wide, 15cm thick
  • 6m long, 1m wide, 20cm thick

For information about other dimensions, please contact us.

Other, custom made, products from bamboo composite are also possible. There is often more possible than you can think of. For example sliding beams or buffer blocks. Contact us to see if your idea can also be made in bamboo composite together with Dragonwood. We are open to a good conversation and new ideas.


Dragonwood’s crane mats can be used in many different ways. They are ideal for the solid support of your crane, excavators, piling machines, and so on. Also a deck of a ship can be very well protected by these mats. The mats are extremely resistant to water and do not decay. Consider, for example, the construction of temporary roads and work floors. The stiffness and strength of the mats guarantee a good load distribution into the ground or into the deck.

The industries in which these Dragonwood crane mats are good to use are:

  • Civil works such as road and shoreline projects
  • Crane projects
  • Piling and Foundation projects
  • Demolition works
  • Heavy transport
  • Sea transport and dredging industry
  • Wind energy
  • Oil and gas

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